• Professional harvesters and Cinnamon processors at Maturata Plantations

    Consummate Quality Through Painstaking Efforts

Our Process

  • Well maintained Cinnamon peeling stations

    What We Do

    Maturata Plantations is one of the first planters in Sri Lanka to change the traditional peeling mechanism that was used for ages. This process was changed through rigorous industrial training, focused to improve the quality and hygienic standards of the Cinnamon we produce. 

  • Well maintained Cinnamon peeling stations

    Cinnamon Harvesting

    Our professional harvesters and Cinnamon processors are well trained to ensure that we produce the best product to the world from the field to fork. At present Maturata Plantations produces 25 Tons of Cinnamon per annum and the entire Cinnamon production is cultivated from its own planted extent.

  • Well maintained Cinnamon peeling stations

    Cinnamon manufacturing

    The Cinnamon manufacturing process is carried under a well-maintained peeling station with a skilled labour force, indigenous to Sri Lanka. Continuous training and monitoring of the quality and hygiene levels have been the key elements for us to bring the best from the Island.