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    Dynamic Expertise Striving for Sustainable Growth

Strengths and capabilities

  • Ceylon Cinnamon production process
  • Ceylon Cinnamon plantation process

We believe that our well experienced and expert agronomy specialists in the Maturata Cinnamon team are our key strength for producing a world class product. This team has added 150 Hectares of planted Cinnamon to Maturata which has led the company to become the largest single entity own Cinnamon extent in the Island today. Backed by the expertise and dedication of the dynamic Maturata Team, we continue to produce one of the world’s most loved and popular spices in a sustainable manner. Maturata Consist of 295 Hect. of Cinnamon with Under revenue and capital. At the moment Maturata Plantation manufacturing nearly 2 tons of Cinnamon per month with a yearly production of 25 tons approx. With a team of expert planters and high tech efficient planting processes and practices, Maturata has secured the most sustainable and high-quality production of Ceylon Cinnamon to the world.