• Value addition in Cinnamon

    Value Added Ceylon Cinnamon Products

Value additions in Cinnamon

  • Ceylon Cinnamon Oil by Maturata Plantations

    Leaf Oil

    Leaf Oil

    From our crop of Cinnamon leaf, we started distilling high-quality leaf oil in 2018. Already, we've made excellent headway in this line of business.

  • Cinnamon bark essential oil

    Bark Oil

    Bark oil

    Beyond its exquisite scent and flavor, Cinnamon bark oil also offers a range of therapeutic and healing benefits. We're fully geared to distill nothing but the finest Cinnamon bark oil.

Value added Cinnamon products

CinnamonLeaf Oil

Currently, the Maturata leaf oil producing process which started in 2018 is growing very successfully. The Company is now searching for new opportunities to directly export it's produced and by collecting regional production using the strength of its micro market platform of LOLC which is the holding company of Maturata Plantations.

Cinnamon Oil Extraction