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    Ceylon Cinnamon An Amazing Saga of Centuries

About Ceylon Cinnamon

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    History of cinnamon

    Cinnamon has been used by humans for thousands of years, probably as early as 2,000 B.C. This spice became extremely popular in the middle east and European regions through the centuries. Around 1518 AD, Portuguese traders discovered Cinnamon in Ceylon-modern day Sri Lanka, which was nurtured and expanded as a trade by the Dutch and then the British empires. Even after gaining independence from the British rule, the Cinnamon trade has been on a continuous growth due to the demand and uniqueness of flavour.

    There are two types of Cinnamon - Cassia Cinnamon that is produced in Indonesia with an extremely strong smell and flavour and our very own Ceylon Cinnamon which has a milder and sweeter flavour which is loved by the world. It is more expensive out of the two varieties and the flavour is far more superior. Known to add a rich flavour and aroma to any type of dish, Ceylon Cinnamon is today one of the most sought after spices in the world.

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    Having stated all the benefits from using and consuming Cinnamon these can only be gained by using the genuine Cinnamon that is Ceylon Cinnamon which is cultivated in Sri Lanka. Given the fact that the British empire named the island Ceylon during its reign. While it's not wise to use great amounts of Cassia Cinnamon Ceylon Cinnamon is the genuine version of the two which makes it a healthy and safe choice for consumption and use. Maturata Plantations have benchmark standards to cultivate and export Cinnamon which is of the highest quality.

    Only genuine Ceylon Cinnamon can give you that extra special flavour and transform any dish into a gastronomic delight! Ceylon Cinnamon is a healthy and safe choice for consumption and use. At Maturata Plantations, we produce this genuine variety of Cinnamon that could not be found anywhere else in the world and Cinnamon that is truly Sri Lankan!

  • Ceylon Cinnamon quills proceeded at Maturata Plantations


    Other than being a super spice to many dishes, Ceylon Cinnamon has numerous health benefits. Modern science has confirmed what ancient civilizations have been practicing throughout the ages.

    Some of these benefits include:

    • Increase in metabolism
    • Defense against oxidative damage caused by free radicals which makes it a natural antioxidant.
    • Helping inflammation due to its anti-inflammation properties.
    • Reduces the risk of hearing loss
    • Reduces insulin resistance which is helpful for metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes.
    • Lowers blood sugar levels.
    • Helps fight antibacterial and fungal infections