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    Ceylon Cinnamon Producer par Excellence

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    Consummate Quality Through Painstaking Efforts

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    Relentless Progress Driven by an Unwavering Resolve

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    Dynamic Expertise Striving for Sustainable Growth

Maturata Plantations Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka

Maturata Plantations Limited holds the proud title as one of the largest regional plantation companies in Sri Lanka. We are well known for producing Cinnamon, Tea, Rubber & Timber that are of superior quality. Despite adverse weather conditions in recent years, Maturata Plantations has achieved superior performance, mainly supported by improved labor productivity, outsourcing of certain activities to improve overall productivity, instilling better cost management systems and a diversification strategy to enter into more profitable crops and entry into rewarding and sustainable joint ventures.

We are backed by one of Sri Lanka’s largest diversified conglomerates, The LOLC Group and the Browns Group, the latter boasting a rich heritage of trading since 1875.

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    295 Hect.


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    600 Hect.

    of Plantations targeting by 2020-2021

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    Cinnamon planted estates

harvesting and production of cinnamon by Maturata Plantations

Why Ceylon Cinnamon

Maturata Plantations offers Ceylon Cinnamon, a precious gift of mother nature to the world, through its exuberant plantations, managed and operated by an expert team of professionals.

Our Products

Strengths and capabilities of Maturata Plantations

Our Process

Our well-trained harvesters and Cinnamon processors will bring you the best from our fields to your hands. Continuous training and monitoring of the quality and hygiene levels have been the key elements for us to bring the best from the Island.

Strengths & capabilities

With a team of expert planters and high tech efficient planting processes and practices, Maturata Plantations has secured the most sustainable and high-quality production of Ceylon Cinnamon to the world.

Our Certifications

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If you wish to request a quote, ask a question and make a suggestion, we, at Maturata Plantations Limited, one of the foremost exporters of the highest quality Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka, are always glad to hear from you.